Thanks to the evolution of the average price of meat on the local market:

An increase of 2.7% in the average price of a kg of sheepmeat in carcass was recorded compared to the year 2019, while a significant evolution was recorded of 27% compared to the year 2015, to reach 24,303 dinars per kilogram of carcass meat against 19,117 in 2015.

A 12% drop in the average price of a kg of beef compared to 2019 was recorded, while a significant increase was recorded by 31% compared to 2015, reaching 15,333 dinars per kg against 11,674 in 2015. The company’s intervention through the import of chilled beef during the years 2017/2020 contributed to the price adjustment (1,827 tonnes in 2018, 1,882 tonnes in 2019 and 616 tonnes in 2020).